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Network Bandwidth

Local network works at 1 GBit/s speed, all servers have bond connection with 2x1 GBit/s link, so you might expect up to 100 Mb/s transfer speed for your data in ideal conditions. Please notice that real transfer rate depends on many factors (overall network or a particular server load, files size, their amount, other active users in network)

Home Directory Quota

We have running a dedicated storage server for user homes. As it has physical limits in memory, disk capacity and transfer speed, all users are limited in their disk usage with per-user disk quota. It is limited by 150 Gb with 7 days of grace time (soft quota limit) and hard limited with 200 Gb. If you use your home storage over quota your profile will effectively fall in read only mode. Please keep your home tidy and clean, empty trash bin regularly, move all large data sets onto ITS storage.

To check quota state you might need to install quota utility on your local computer, if not installed with sudo apt-get install quota (or log in to any server, it's installed there) and then run it as:

quota -vws --show-mntpoint --hide-device --all-nfs | grep $USER

to suppress all extra messages.

ITS Storage Limits

Network storage offered us by ITS has it's own limitations as well.

If your research requires relatively small volume capacity (less then 2 Tb ), it may be requested at any moment and will be ready in few days. For larger volume you should give a proposal. All volumes are expandable, however the maximum size of a single volume size can not exceed 10 Tb.