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Campus vs Personal License

Matlab is free for all staff with two license options

Campus (network) license

Works only if your computer connected to university network. Useful for desktops and servers as you don't need to take care of license updates.

Personal license

Academic license for a single user. It's the best option if you need to work from home or would like to run Matlab on a laptop. You need to update the license every year by yourself.


If it crashes on start

MATLAB crashes during startup on Ubuntu 15.04 and newer, as well as distributions derived from those versions


When using Ubuntu Linux distributions 15.04 and newer, as well as distributions derived from those versions, MATLAB can crash during startup.

This crash occurs because these releases include a newer version of than the version shipped with MATLAB (version 6.0.17). When MATLAB loads version 6.0.17 first, the OS reaches an incompatibility that causes MATLAB to crash.


You can force MATLAB to load the newer version of the library provided by the operating system, by following these instructions:

   Identify the location where MATLAB is installed
   Navigate to the sys/os/glnxa64 directory within this installation folder
   Rename library to

We have done limited testing with version 20 of If you experience problems with MATLAB when using this version, please contact MathWorks technical support.


This bug was fixed as of R2016b.