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Setting up Network Printer via IPP protocol

You need root (sudo) permissions on your desktop. Also you need to find IP address of the printer (either walk to the printer location and look through printer settings, or ask ITS). Assume it's

Get original drivers (From Fuji-Xerox) here:


sudo dpkg -i /Volumes/GeoPhysics_07/users-data/PPD/fxlinuxprint_1.1.1-1_amd64.deb

gksudo system-config-printer

  • Add->Network Printer -> Internet Printing Protocol (ipp) ->
  • Enter device URI: ipp://
  • Forward->Choose Driver -> FX -> FX Printer Driver for Linux [en] (recommended) ->
  • Give it a meaningful name ->
  • Apply

Setting up Network Printers using SMB protocol via staff domain account

You need a local root (sudo) permissions on your computer and name of the printer (usually it written on particular printer and looks like e.g. CO-319-02-MFD for Cotton Building, room 319, 2nd printer).

Start the printer configuration applet:

gksudo system-config-printer

Do not use Gnome shell Printer applet. It just hasn't contain all required options.

Select Network Printer -> Windows Printer via Samba

Type in the text field for printer address :

Authorize yourself in Windows domain using the following form of login: staff\yourlogin (staff-backslash-login) and your staff password

Find the server vuwwincostaprn1 in the list of hosts then find and select the proper printer (e.g. CO-319-02-MFD for Cotton Building, room 319).

Check radio button Set authentication details now and use the same staff login (with backslash) and password.

When you are asked for drivers, select the option "Use PPD file". For the most often used MFU's (FX ApeosPort-III C4400 and FX ApeosPort-III C3300) you can pick up the corresponding file there:



Print jobs freezing

Indeed, a particular printer might be offline or overloaded with jobs, or have other issues (no paper or paper jam). Please check if it's in working condition, and add paper to tray or remove jammed sheets if necessary.

If printer was inaccessible due to maintenance or any other reason (but now is working for other people), it might be disabled with your Linux print sub-system as unavailable. Just start system-config-printer (or System Configuration->Printers), click with right mouse button on printer icon and check if it's enabled.

For SMB shared printers ("other network printers")

When you change your staff password, the printer driver stops working because it still has using your old password for authorization in Windows domain. There are two ways to make it work again -- the long, and the improper

 * The long way -- delete printer from system then re-install it
 * The improper way:
 - Stop CUPS: sudo service cups stop
 - Open file /etc/cups/printers.conf as root in editor: 
 - find the line which looks similar to DeviceURI smb://staff%5C[USER]:[PASSWORD] 
 - and change the [PASSWORD] to your new staff password
 - Start CUPS: sudo service cups start