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Cloud server for all SGEES Linux users has running at

Access and Limits

Use your Linux account credentials for logging in to web interface.

For security reasons new user logins are blocked by default. Please ask system administrator to open access for you.

Space is limited by 20 GB per user.

Set Up the Client

Seafile client available for all popular operating systems (either desktop or mobile). Please refer to

Most Linux distributions have Seafile in their standard repositories, e.g. for Ubuntu:

sudo apt install seafile-gui seafile-cli

After client starts, point it to the server address:

then use your Linux account credentials for authentication.

Storage features

Seafile cloud allows to configure your synchronization on flexible and convenient way with many options.

Selective Synchronization

Unlike other cloud storages (e.g. Dropbox) Seafile gives you an ability to create and selectively synchronize multiple locations. E.g.


They use 'Library' term for naming these entities. Each library can be either private or shared.

Encryption on the server is supported as well - you can protect any particular library with password.

Shared folders

You can share any library with other users. Just add the user's name to list of collaborators for library.


You can access any library via WebDAV protocol (see here:

WebDAV interface is available at:

For example, you can mount any Seafile library as local folder with webdavfs, or set up automatic data upload and download with convenient tools like wget, curl or rsync...

Upload and Download Links

It's possible to generate download and upload links for single files and directories. Password-protected links are supported. You also can set an expiration time for any link.


Seafile server has a simple yet powerful Web API so you can write your own application for communicating with your data.