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It's possible to get files from your Windows account ("disks H: and M:") via SMB protocol.

Check if you have GVFS and CIFS (samba) installed and install if necessary:

sudo apt install gvfs gvfs-backends cifs-utils

From any file manager which supports SMB (Dolphin, Thunar, Nautilus). Also works for MacOS Finder ("Go->Connect to server")

  • For M drive - smb://
  • For H drive - smb://

where USERNAME is your STAFF login

  • domain name: staff
  • login: your_windows_login
  • password: Your Staff (Windows) password
  • [x] Remember Password

From command line as ordinary user

  • For M drive - gio mount smb://
  • For H drive - gio mount smb://

where USERNAME is your STAFF login

Note: This syntax works in Ubuntu since 18.04, for older distribution (16.04) use dbus-launch gvfs-mount smb://....

With mount (user must be in sudo group):

sudo mount -t cifs -o domain=staff,username=your_windows_login // /Path/to/mount/point/of/windows/home_drive

sudo mount -t cifs -o domain=staff,username=your_windows_login // /Path/to/mount/point/of/shared_drive